Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb Meeting

Hi Chicks!

February was a small gathering but we made the best of it and had a great time. It had been awhile since I had been able to attend, so most of the time was catch up of what everyone has been doing ....... and that was a lot! Our OA Jill has completed, was it 4 or 5 badges? I was so over taken by it all I lost track! She has even put everything all nice and neat in a binder!! WOW!

 Jill is so organized...

While we visited, we took a vote (I'm sure we had enough to do that ;)!) to skip dinner at 6:00 and just go right for the meeting at 7:00. And I'm adding - I can do that cuz I'm mama!! Also the dates have changed just for the next month. March meeting will be the 24th at 7:00.  NOW HERE IS WHERE THAT "CUZ I CAN" COMES IN.

 Leslie brought a knitting konundrum...

I just made a big pot of steak and barley soup, and the pilot in this house puts his nose up at any soup! IF I BRING IT AND CORNBREAD WILL YAL' COME TO THE BARN EARLY TO HAVE SOME????? Let me hear from you and I will go to Cindy's early that day so everything is ready and warm for the eating that night.

Henmother attacked Leslie's fiddly issue...

IN ADDITION to the soup, I already have a program ready to go! I know!! Really! Wow! I'm trying to turn a new leaf.

...and had it figured out in no time.

So! Jill was so excited with all her new badges, she wants to start another one right away! She made the suggestion and I found the cutest project (well, I think it's cute) to satisfy her wants. Hopefully it will be a one night start-to-finish project, but if not we can work out those details at the meet. Footnote: that's why I thought the soup would be a good idea. We could have extra time to work on it.

Now. The fun part for me! I'm sending you the Supply List, but I'm making the final "thingie" a surprise!! Hope you like surprises as much as I do. The thought of this just makes me giggle. :}

OK. That is the change for March and the meeting for April will be back to the 2nd Friday which is April 8th at 7:00. No project planned for that, but once we do March that will get the ideas flowing for April.

I'll check back to see if you have questions and want to come early for Barn Soup.

That's it for now. Feathers UP!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday night cluck

Tomorrow is Friday, the second Friday that is and time to gather the Farmgirls!

Not too many takers for 6:30 dinner, so let's just straight away to the meeting at 7:00.

Suggestion has been made to carry on from the last meeting/stitch-in to bring the buttons to make another group project. I say "bring it on" and anything else that might add more fun to a bracelet.

See you at the LRB ! I've missed seeing you all