Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BREAKING: Orientation Meeting This Saturday

 Hi Farmgirls!  Sorry for the last minute decision, but leader Maryann asks if we can have our very first orientation meeting this Saturday, at 2 PM?  We want to get together to put our monthly meetings on the calendar and begin to look at the activities we'd like to start, like
  • Sewing our membership badges,
  • Planning field trips,
  • Choosing merit badge projects
  • Swapping patterns, recipes and project ideas...
Not bad for a start.  Comment here or e-mail Maryann (sbswy11@gmail.com) to RSVP either way - we want to know you're interested even if you can't make it on Saturday. 

Farmgirl Up!


  1. Dangit, I'll probably be on my way back from Austin then . . . if I get back early, I'm totally there, but I'm not in control of the schedule. :( If I can persuade my in-laws to leave A-town earlier than planned, I will let you know!

  2. We may have to do a second meeting for those caught with conflicts this week... Stay tuned ;-)

  3. I'll be there! Are spinning wheeled men allowed? We'll be there in spirit Cindy!

  4. Yay Caroline! We someone to teach us how to make a proper cup of tea...

  5. I will try to make it, not sure yet what the day holds!