Friday, September 10, 2010

Farmgirl 101

Our first Chapter meeting and potluck went off without a hitch tonight.  Not only did we share some great dishes (one was from a Mary Jane recipe), but the ladies came out to the pasture to help with our nightly chicken round up.  Armed with rakes and a great sense of humor, we formed a human wall to guide (most of) the chickens into the Chick Inn for the night.  Debbie took pictures.  I hope they don't show up on those magazines by the check-out line.  Leslie did not wear proper shoes for chicken wrangling, and will take some, um, souvenirs home on her feet.

Debbie also brought a friend, Robin, who was quite captivated by the alpacas.  And the alpacas were captivated back, allowing her to stroke them on the neck a time or two.

We'll have details on Gail's apron class soon.  It's looking like a Saturday morning suits most people interested in taking the class.  Start collecting fun stuff to embellish your apron, and keep it here for dates and times.

Other Chapter ideas for workshops keep coming: furniture refinishing (great for those junk shop finds that need a bit of TLC), journal cover making, twining, paper making, etc.  How about some cooking or food storage tips?  Recycling or community service projects?

Our next meeting will be October 8th.  Watch for interim news and ideas here on the blog...

Farm on, ladies!


  1. Wow . . . I love the calendar at the end of the blog. Fantastic idea. Thank you, Cindy, for thinking of this!! xoxo

  2. I am SO envious!
    Folks around here aren't all that excited in a Farmgirls chapter, I'm sorry to say.