Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reminders from HenMother

The first Friday of the month is here again! If you are coming for dinner the time is 6:00. We had so much food last time we could have stayed at the barn for a week! So a small dish (serves 4) of something will be perfect!

Recap from last meeting .. Rita thought she could bring a microwave for the barn, Debra agreed to put together a check-in/checkout system for the apron patterns, and Leslie was going to look into what we need to do to develop our "chapter thread".

I haven't heard just when Gail is going to be having an apron class, but I would think just like most of us, everything is being put off till after the 16th!! Well, that has been my answer to everything.

I have heard that there are a few "over achievers" that are working on their first badge!! How about that! Maybe she will bring the finished goods so we can sign her off for her/our badge. OOOOOHHHH our first. What a joy!!!

Signing off till tomorrow night


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