Thursday, January 13, 2011

January meeting agenda

Hey Chicks!

Sounds like Chick Jill is going to be chairing the January meeting with a project that will get the whole brood two badges in one swoop! WOW! Sorry I'm not going to be there to join in on all the fun. But knowing Cindy, our cluck barn owner and resident pics taker I'm sure will be able to "show" me and others that won't be able to attend, just how to construct the sewing project, so we will ALL be able to "tell" the finished product at the February!!! So watch this blog for the results.

Speaking of the February meeting, I was thinking, and after talking with Cindy, we both thought it would be a good time to put together a monthly agenda for our year. This will consist of:

1) What is "our" year?
2) Do we want to have a "project/badge" program each meeting?
a) one person to organize
b) have everyone take one month..........I think this is such a great idea because there is
soooo much talent in this group. (my 2 cents worth without being at the meeting)
3) Make a list of "road trips" we want to take during "our year".

So. The agenda is only 3 things to decide on while your hands are busy creating beautiful boxes or bags!

Can't wait to see the pics and the lists! Cindy or myself will post the results.

Check this blog the week after the meeting.

Happy stitchin'
Hen Mother

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