Friday, January 14, 2011

Sew Wonderful

The Farm Girls made sweet little "pin keeps" tonight.  That's British for "pin cushions."  We did things the British way, because Jill led us in this simple and fun project, and Jill ain't from around here.  But she's a great teacher, and we had a wonderful evening.  (She's also a naturalized American citizen, in case you're wondering.  You go, Girl.)

Gathered all our sewing tools...

I sampled some of Leslie's lovely salad...
...and then Jill set us off on our tasks.

...cutting circles from fat quarters, and sewing around the edge to gather it up...

Snip, fold, stitch, concentrate...

 More snipping, more trimming, more breaking in the new scissors...

A little pressing, a little guessing, a little ooohing and awwwing...

...stuff it with fiberfill, top with a circle of felt, and voila!  Pin cushion!


Candi (who drove over from Arlington!)

Teacher Jill





Now, we had some agenda items, but the best we could pull off was to decide that for next month at least, the second Friday will work (February 11).  After that, we may have to juggle dates because of the conflict with the Wildflower Fiber Retreat in March.

We decided that having another badge to work on might be a good idea, but didn't nail down just which one, or who would lead.  We'll do an e-mail poll and keep the discussion going.  We'd also like to go to the flea market in Quinlan, and to Lucky Layla Dairy.  

So much more to talk about, but the evening flew past before we knew it.  Stay tuned, Farm Girls, for news updates.  Come back soon, Hen Mother!  We missed you!

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